Thursday, 26 August 2010

Vodafone, HTC Desire fiasco update

Talked to Vodafone customer support again, (its my twice weekly activity now, well has been for 3 months) and have been told I'm not a priority, basically there is a supply problem (i know) and there is a waiting list (makes sense) but as I'm an existing customer (not a new one, or getting an upgrade) then i cant be put on the list, therefore the only way to get the phone is for me to ring up every other day and enquire if they have any stock to send me yet...

They did get 3 HTC Desires in today, but all went to new customers on the list. What this tells me is this: If you receive your new phone from vodafone but there is a problem with it cancel your contract ASAP (before the 14 day cooling off period) and once you have sorted that out do the new customer thing again. it seams that if i had done this i would have the new phone by now. just a warning to you folks, don't accept the promise that a new one will be coming your way any time soon.

On a slightly different note the Vodafone lady in the call centre was very nice, apologetic and honest, its definitely a system problem, not a people problem, why cant i be put on the list? clearly its a money problem, existing customers don't make the company any more money.

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