Thursday, 6 January 2011

LauncherPro has expired. 403 forbidden. Phone is locked out...

Ive been using LauncherPro for a couple of months now, its a nice homescreen replacement on the android phone, actually i really liked it.

But this morning when i turned my phone on i got the error :-

"This version of LauncherPro has expired. Please goto to get the latest version."

Then my web browser automatically opened so i could get it but i had a problem, i had no internet connection, no wifi, and no mobile connection.... arg.. Basically my phone was now a brick, well i could receive calls, but there was no way to access anything else as every time i hit the home key it would redirect to the internet...

Then later on in the morning i went into london and got a connection on 3G but then i got a 403 forbidden page.... double arg, whats going on this is so shoddy, so i still cant use my phone.

Only after getting to a PC with a decent internet connection did i managed to find a couple of solutions, the first was to download an app installer onto the pc and do a remote install of the new version of launcherPro, i didnt like this, it sounded too complex and i wanted rid of it not the latest version.

Then i found the following solution
browse to -
this should open the market (app store)
then search for launcherPro and finally update or uninstall.

I recommend un-installing, seams like this is a rather shoddy product if it locks out your phone like this. even if the actual software does everything else well i dont think this sort of error is in any way acceptabe in any software ever, locking you out of your device, laptop, PC whatever it is, is just wrong, i appreciate the developers might want to force people to upgrade all the time, but this is just not on, i dont know i just cant warn you folks enough, i woudnt trust this app.

morel of the story, dont use apps from random developers on major bits of your device, the home screen is quite major, if that dont work your stuffed.

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