Friday, 11 March 2011

The DZone effect (how blog aggregation can affect traffic)

I recently used DZone for the first time to publicise my latest blog post to a wider audience. Oh my ... it worked rather well.

So im on blogspot which gives some nice google analytics for free which i look at now and then to try and see what is popular and being read by other people.

My blog is not all that widely read to be honest, it has a fair number of hits though, approximately 250 a month mainly coming from google searches, most traffic goes to a couple of my better/more interesting posts. But then i tried out submitting a post to dzone, mainly to see what happens.

The result was instant, i got over 600 views in 2 days, for me thats a big number, was it the nature of the post (it was a little provocative) and maybe the summary on dzone made people want to see what i was on about, either way i got a large increase in my traffic %300 :-)

Im not really hung up on loads of people seeing my posts, but its nice to know your are read :-) And dzone certainly seems to deliver.

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  1. In the short term it works very well but you have to keep posting good info to maintain them in thee long term:

    Also, you can read how the effect on Dzone compares with the effect of appearing in others: