Friday, 10 May 2013

A SPA seed - Javascript stack with node and angular.

Single Page Application built on node.js and angularJS

I've been looking at creating a SPA with a full javascript stack so decided to pull together a seed based on node and angular with jshint to test all the .js files, mocha to run the node tests, karma to run the browser based angular tests and cucumber for BDD (full stack testing/acceptance tests).

I did this because i could not find any examples of how to pull together angular and node in the same project along with testing of everything. This is a good start but until i use it in anger i wont really know if ive got it right, so when i do i will try and update it.



node.js, npm, angular, karma, Mocha, phantom.js, jshint, jshintRunner

Ruby (1.9.2)

Ruby is for cucumber that is used for the full stack acceptance testing
ruby 1.9.2, devKit, bundler, cucumber, capybara


The file gives details on how to get it all running and get the tests working. Then just clone this repo and use it as a starting point for your next node SPA app.

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