Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #20

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

[Agile Weekly Crew] Episode #57 – Performance Reviews and one on one feedback

[On books] Thinking fast and slow book review https://www.acast.com/onbooks/episode-11-thinking-fast-and-slow-by-daniel-kahneman-chat-with-alex-miles-younger- and https://www.acast.com/onbooks/episode-12-thinking-fast-and-slow-part-2-on-happiness

[Enterprise devops initiatives] The Importance of Systems Thinking for Cloud Migration (focus more on AWS but still good) http://mikekavis.sys-con.com/node/3386867

[Enterprise devops initiatives] How to Succeed with DevOps? Make Room for Experimentation!

[The azure podcast] Azure functions http://azpodcast.azurewebsites.net/post/Episode-128-Azure-Functions

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