Monday, 18 July 2016

100,000 is todays magic number, sponsored by folding air

Just thought I'd do a really quick post to say thanks to everyone who has ever read my blog, and ever will read it. I hope that I've helped more than a few people out here.

We all as software devs use the internet to find tutorials, examples, solutions to bizarre problems, resources, ideas, and many many more things. I know I have. I don't think a day goes by without searching for something tech that I'm currently working on. I wanted to give a little back and today I've just hit my one hundred thousandth visitor :-)

Here are a few highlights most recent posts at the top

Unique visitor count - Title and URL

416 - From Monolith to Microservices
1170 - Blue green web deployment with powershell and IIS
743 - Visualising the Thoughtworks Go pipline using Cradiator
4909 - Search the whole SVN repository for a given filename
5471 - Personal Backup strategies 
2167 - Debug your android applications by capturing/monitoring their http traffic using wireshark
2013 - Using JMeter to profile the performance of your web application
2018 - A PowerShell script to count your lines of source code  
3059 - Installing node.js on windows 7 machine 
2865 - Kanban inspired card wall. Our example 
13234 - How much does your slow machine cost your company? 
1228 - Unit testing your unity IOC wiring 
2768 - The true cost of TFS, is it really "free"?
1681 - 20 things that are wrong with TFS, and counting 

I remember when I posted the How much does your slow computer cost, all my stats went mad for a week, I even got in some Canadian tech publication as a 'fastidious tech geek', is this a good thing?

Fame, if you can call it that, is nice, but I don't do it for that. I generally don't expect a lot of visitors, I just want to help out others that have similar issues.

Finally It's also a selfish thing. I do it because I forget things and want to remember more, the number of times I've done a search and found my own posts or my own questions on stack overflow, it's surprising.

Thanks to everyone who got me to this milestone, its only taken me 8 years, what humble beginnings.

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