Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #33

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

[This Agile Life] Moving from Scrum to Kanban http://www.thisagilelife.com/117/
  • What is Kanban and how does it compare to scrum
  • Scrum vs. Kanban
  • Kanban board
  • WIP limiting
  • Flow of work
  • Pull versus push work-flow

[Developer Tea] Focus https://spec.fm/podcasts/developer-tea/6528
  • how to cultivate focus

[The Static Void Podcast] .NET Core RTM https://www.staticvoidpodcast.com/net-core-rtm-jeff-fritz-explains-why-it-could-be-awesome-after-all
  • Jeff Fritz from Microsoft joins Jess, Todd, and Chris to talk about .NET Core and we challenge our discussion of .NET Core RTM in the previous episode.

[The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes] 8 Lessons the Olympics taught me about greatness http://lewishowes.com/podcast/8-lessons-olympics/
  1. Vision is the beginning of the journey.
  2. Develop your talent.
  3. Have obsession with your passion.
  4. Don’t try to do it alone – have coaches and a team.
  5. Embrace pain and adversity.
  6. Play for something bigger than yourself.
  7. Understand that all we can do is our very best.
  8. Acknowledge and appreciate your accomplishments.

[The Ruby Rogues] Contempt Culture with Aurynn Shaw https://devchat.tv/ruby-rogues/273-rr-contempt-culture-with-aurynn-shaw

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