Sunday, 6 November 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #44

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

[Software Engineering Daily] ChatOps with Jason Hand
  • Chat bots are your newest co-worker. Slack, HipChat, and other chat clients allow developers and other team members to communicate more dynamically than the limits of email. 
  • Companies have started to add bots to their chat rooms. These bots can give you technical information, restart a server, or notify you that a build has finished.

[Full Stack Radio] Building the Right Thing with BDD
  • What exactly is BDD?
  • Is BDD a technical or non-technical practice?
  • How do you get started with BDD?
  • How do you keep the number of system tests low to keep your test suite fast?
  • What's your strategy for dealing with external services in acceptance tests?
  • What are the advantages of using Cucumber even as a solo developer working on a side project?

[Cucumber Podcast] Mob Programming
  • “All the brilliant people working on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and on the same computer.” That’s how Woody Zuill - who coined the term Mob Programming - describes it. He is our esteemed guest on the podcast, and we spend some time digging into his own experiences mobbing.
  • This is a fun episode for folks looking for novel ways to improve the certainty of their software.

[Azure Friday - Channel 9] What's new in Azure DocumentDB?
  • Get up to speed with what documentDb is and what is new

[Microsoft Cloud Show] DocumentDB's recent Improvement
  • New support for MongoDB, 
  • Performance and scale, specifically some new capabilities that the DocumentDB team has added like partitioned collections and planet scale with global databases. 
  • Pricing changes announced in April 2016 
  • Support for automatically expiring data with TTL settings.

[JavaScript Air] (Rerun) The past, present, and future or javascript
  • A rerun of the very first show: Kicking off JavaScript Air with the first guest Brendan Eich (original creator of JavaScript) to talk about the past, present, and future of JavaScript.

[JavaScript Air] JavaScript and the Web Platform with Brendan Eich
  • The history of ad networks and how add tracking works
  • Why this is not a good thing for anyone
  • What can we all do to stop the madness
  • Use the brave browser

[Simple Programmer Podcast] People Don't Take Action
  • Hear good ideas, gotta take action

[AWS Podcast] AWS Quickstarts

[TEDTalks] Your smartphone is a civil rights issue
  • The smartphone you use reflects more than just personal taste ... it could determine how closely you can be tracked, too. 
  • Privacy expert and TED Fellow Christopher Soghoian details a glaring difference between the encryption used on Apple and Android devices and urges us to pay attention to a growing digital security divide. 
  • "If the only people who can protect themselves from the gaze of the government are the rich and powerful, that's a problem," he says. "It's not just a cybersecurity problem — it's a civil rights problem."

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