Sunday, 30 October 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #43

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

[Software Engineering Radio] Barry O’Reilly on Lean Enterprise
  • A lean enterprise is a large organization that manages to keep innovating while keeping its existing products in the market.
  • O’Reilly talks about the idea of scientific experiments and the build-measure-learn loop popularized by the lean-startup method. He shares his experiment of an online wine seller using Twitter. He further discusses the challenges for enterprises trying to do something similar and introduce the three-horizon model, to manage innovative, growing, and new products.
  • As an example of a successful lean enterprise, O’Reilly talks about GOV.UK, the British government’s new website.

[Parent Programming] Episode 1 - Kent C. Dodds
  • Kent talks about what it's like to raise two young kids, going over the highs and lows of parenting.
  • He also mixes in a little bit of "leaky abstraction" humor in regards to figuring out how to work with his children.

[Developer On Fire] The learning mindset with Linda Rising
  • Linda Rising, Kendall Rael, and Dave Rael have a conversation about the pitfalls of talent and the importance of effort and share an empowering message
  • Falling down, getting back up and the frustrations of learning

[Software Engineering Daily] Monitoring Architecture
  • Building a monitoring system is a complex distributed systems problem
  • Events are produced from different points in an application and must be aggregated in order to form metrics
  • These events are often ingested by a time series database, which forms the backbone of the monitoring system

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