Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The first fold

As with so much in the world the first fold is the most important, you get the first fold even slightly misaligned or creased and you can forget getting fold 20 correct.

Well like the other billion folk in web universe i thought id better get a blog, well not just that, i do think i have something worth while to share. But Ive never been one to read other peoples random thoughts and so you wont get read many of mine (as if anyone really would want to anyways).

Its just that i do come across ways of doing things (in a coder by trade) that is new to me, interesting and sometimes useful, and so i thought i might as well share them with people, and maybe if I'm lucky they will find things useful that i found useful, we'll see. Actually the most useful thing i find about blogs are the comments, some guy tells you to solve a particular problem in this way on his blog and you see 10 posts below discussing the pro's and con's of the approach, that's what i like, there is never just one way round a problem, i like to see the other side of the fold before making that first crease.