Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #36-38

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

This is a big catch-up post as I've fallen behind in the last couple of weeks:

[Mastering Business Analysis] Agile Manifesto – What it Means to Business Analysts http://masteringbusinessanalysis.com/mba089-agile-manifesto-what-it-means-to-business-analysts/
  • In this episode, they take a look at the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto and see what they mean in the context of Business Analysis
  • How to apply each of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto to Business Analysis
  • The mindset shift we need to make to be successful in agile environments
  • What you can do to adopt agile practices, even in waterfall environments

[Developer Tea] Deliberate Practice: Part 1 https://dev.to/developertea/deliberate-practice-part-1
  • Learning About Learning
  • The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance (white paper)
  • Code Kata - A Practice Arena for Becoming a Better Programmer

[Developer Tea] Deliberate Practice: Part 2 https://dev.to/developertea/deliberate-practice-part-2

[The Ruby Rogues] The Evolution of Agile and Evolutionary Design https://devchat.tv/ruby-rogues/275-rr-the-evolution-of-agile-and-evolutionary-design-with-james-shore
  • Co-opting Agile and the movement away from technology/software
  • Agile Alliance Technical Conference
  • Agile Fluency Model
  • Evolutionary Design in Agile
  • Technical Practices and Agile Architecture
  • Procrastinate on Purpose
  • Engineering on a Team Level
  • Redesigning Team Responsibilities

[The Ruby Rogues] Software Craftsmanship https://devchat.tv/ruby-rogues/030-rr-software-craftsmanship-with-noel-rappin

[Devnology Podcast] 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know - Kevlin Henney http://devnology.nl/podcasts/devnology-podcast-025-kevlin-henney
  • Kevlin shares his thoughts on the software craftmanship movement and states his opinion on the discussion whether our profession is a form of engineering or not.

[Simple Programmer Podcast] What Are The Areas You Should Master In Life? http://simpleprogrammer.libsyn.com/217-what-are-the-areas-you-should-master-in-life-simple-programmer-podcast
  • Talking about what are the areas of your life that you MUST master.

[Software Engineering Radio] Kief Morris on Infrastructure as Code http://www.se-radio.net/2016/09/se-radio-episode-268-kief-morris-on-infrastructure-as-code/
  • Why this concept is becoming increasingly important due to cloud computing. They discuss best practices for writing infrastructure code, including why you should treat your servers as cattle, not pets, as well as how to monitor your cattle.
  • The benefits — security, auditability, testing, documentation, and traceability.
  • How to introduce infrastructure as code to organizations.

[Simple Programmer Podcast] Can You Really Learn Anything In 3 Months? http://simpleprogrammer.libsyn.com/214-can-you-really-learn-anything-in-3-months-simple-programmer-podcast

[Cloud foundary summit] Devops, microservices and platforms, oh my https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rX4mQHPWuUY

[Nordic APIs] Microservices Anti-Patterns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I56HzTKvZKc
  • When microservices are appropriate, and where to draw the lines between services.
  • Dealing with performance issues (data affinity, parallelism, monitoring).
  • Testing and debugging techniques.
  • Managing a polyglot landscape and the explosion of platforms.
  • Managing failure and graceful degradation.
  • If you’re an active programmer, then you’re either building a microservice architecture now, or you’re about to inherit someone else’s. This talk will give you the tools to build yours right, and to quickly identify shortcomings of those you have to work within.

[Talks at Google] Scott Berkun- The Art of Project Management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhA04D_xfp8

[Agile Vancouver] Deception and Estimation How We Fool Ourselves - Linda Rising https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmFsu4yM-Jw

[Eat Sleep Code Podcast] Better code with functional programming http://developer.telerik.com/content-types/podcast/better-code-with-functional-programming/
  • We discuss how functional programming has made its way back into modern development, clean coding, and more.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Damo's Podcast Highlights 2016 #35

I subscribe to many podcasts, you can see the list as it was in 2015 here: Developer podcasts v2 but I thought I would start to keep a weekly log of the episodes that I found interesting or useful in some way.

[RunAs Radio] The Science of DevOps http://www.runasradio.com/default.aspx?ShowNum=488
  • Nicole is one of the key people behind the State of DevOps report (published by Puppet).
  • The conversation digs into some of the findings in that report, including the proof that stability and speed are not mutually exclusive - you can bring new features and products to market quickly while keeping your systems stable.

[.NET Rocks!] Feature Toggles http://www.dotnetrocks.com/default.aspx?ShowNum=1343
  • The conversation starts out talking about different kinds of features toggles, starting with the classic one that allows you to build features over time, but keep the code in the trunk, just not visible to the users until you're ready.
  • In some cases, that feature toggle because permanent because it is a tool for ops to reduce load on a server at peak times.
  • Toggles are also a strategy for A/B testing of different features, styling and advertising

[Focus 53] What Football Has Taught Me About Business and Life http://focus53.libsyn.com/f53-053-what-football-has-taught-me-about-business-and-life
  • Short memory
  • How to lose
  • How to spot leaders
  • How to be a leader
  • Controlling your emotions
  • Setting, working for, and achieving goals
  • Life isn't always fair.
  • Hard work
  • Knowing who you are
  • Discipline
  • Responsible for yourself
  • Managing time
  • Focusing on what you can control

[Eat Sleep Code Podcast] Six Figure Developer http://developer.telerik.com/topics/podcast-how-to-be-a-six-figure-developer/

[Startups For the Rest of Us] Our Favorite Tabletop Games http://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/episodes/episode-303-our-favorite-tabletop-games
  • Many games mentioned here, if your into table top games this is worth a listen. They put the games into 3 different categories by age range and difficulty and share some stories on how their families and kids enjoy them.