Thursday, 21 January 2016

To stand or not to stand?

Over my working life I've sat on many chairs. As a consultant you have to make do with what the client provides, but since I've become permie, I've been campaigning for a standing desk. Recently I got my wish, well, in part.

I don't get on with the chairs at work. They are not cheap ones by any means but by the end of the day I can really feel my neck and shoulders suffering. I'm not sure what it is with these ones in particular, I just don't get on with them. My cheaper chair at home is far better. I've actually been using a kneeling chair for the last year or so and that has been great, it really forces you to sit up straight. Its a little tiring at first but you get used to it, and I don't get the bad shoulders or neck that I used to get on the chair.

But like I said I really wanted to try a standing desk.

I managed to persuade the people that matter to give it a go and so between us we knocked up an IKEA hack standing desk made of coffee table and shelving unit (low budget experiment ~£30).

We had to make it low enough to allow the shortest member of the team to use it but we can 'jack up' the shelf using books and boxes to get it higher for other team members.

I can use it all day but I find my feet and legs get sore mid afternoon and I really need a sit down. The desk is a long way from hydraulic and its a very big faff to put all the stuff down on the desk so I've sacrificed my second screen in a mirrored set up so i can stand and sit as i please. I tend to do the morning stood up then split the afternoon alternating sitting and standing as I feel the need. It's a compromise and since the screens are big I can work split screen rather than multi monitor without losing too much.

Next stop walking desk :-) I really want to do this to alleviate the stress on the knees and feet. I've never tried it but from what I hear from people it's good. I can't see work going for that, maybe a wobble board though!

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